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An Update to The Dirge To The Death of Horror

                           Well Horror fiends, if you have been paying attention, then you know I haven't done a post or review on Horror films in ages. Horror has died, it seems. To me, anyway, and mostly on the big screen for the most part.

       Horror is VERY much alive in the written word, and more and more increasingly so, along side grand, gratuitous artwork in the pages of a comic book, complete with gore, and a touch of the gross on a glossy page for the more slasher type fan, if so desired. It runs the gamut of the Horror realm including creature features, werewolves, vampires, zombies, giant monsters, aliens, and various sickos, and psychopaths.  It's all there, and all better stories than most films on Netflix. John Carpenter and Lance Henrikson, both have been penning some very awesome comics. If you haven't seen it and are a real fan of Horror then get to that local comic shop and see what you'v e been missing. Including the world of George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. Time has continued to move forward since that first night we witnessed the dead rise and trap a farm house full of The Living, eager to dine on their flesh. It is now the 70's and the dawn of punk rock, and a threat the world thought gone rises from the grave. Even Hellraiser has continued with more sights to show us, and now an even more devilish tale from the writer and creator of that world unfolds each month on the pages of Boom! comics and Clive Barker, himself.

    What I really wanted to show you was for the upcoming Halloween season. It's half-way to Halloween, believe it or not, Even if it is 95 degrees out right now. For the person that loves a great DIY project and a fan of all things Lovecraft is this awesome home made Cthulhu costume. It is pretty awesome, if you ask me. Instructables! is chock full of the DIY information. Complete with full instructions on anything posted, a lot even including step-by-step video. As you can tell, members giving helpful hints on goodies and gadgets to construct for every Horror fiends favorite Holiday isn't left out, either. Now that you have found the best Horror instructables on the web, it's time to get started on that new costume or spruce up some home haunting. Just in time for Halloween!